Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Unhappy Kidney.....

Hubby and Babygirl fought an ice storm to drive to the University for blood work yesterday.  When I hadn't heard anything today by three, I called.  I got lucky and actually got through, which is absolutely amazing.  They hadn't gotten anything yet, so they checked and called me back.

Babygirl's creatinine is 1.4, the highest it has ever been (we hit this level once before and they admitted her).  Her tacrolimus level is very high, so we are to start a 25% reduction in dose tonight.  I told them about the recent episodes of dehydration due to all the nausea, and they actually felt a bit better.

Push fluids.  Push fluids, push fluids.  And drive to the University next week to get more tests.

At least they didn't call us down to Philly.


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