Monday, January 7, 2013

Award Application.....

Dear BMY Committee:

I would hereby like to submit for your consideration my application for Bad Mother of the Year.  I realize that it IS early in the 2013 competition, but I believe my past performance would indicate that I could be a contender in this contest.  While I realize that my first run at winning this years' prize is not as spectacular as my winning 2011 entry (failure, as both a physician and a mother, to realize my child was in need of a kidney transplant until she was in DIRE need of said transplant), I hope that this early example of my lack of parenting skills gains your notice:

Babygirl has, as you know, been quite ill, most recently suffering from frequent headaches.  I like to think that I have developed a good "gut" feel for when she is really not doing well, and that I can spot exaggeration and malingering with the best of them.  So when Babygirl was busy telling me on Sunday that she didn't WANT to go to ski club with a bunch of strangers to go skiing, I put it down to shyness.  And when she began crying and insisting that she didn't "feel good" (although without substantial headache), I blamed situational anxiety.  When she called me one hour after arriving at the ski resort and begged me to come and get her, I relented against my better judgement.

When I arrived she informed me that she had gotten her period (and was unprepared). When we got home and I got to deal with the aftermath, I decided that I might as well contact your committee and submit my application forthwith.  Any woman who has raised 7 girls who cannot recognise a simple case of PMS is clearly a contender in your annual contest.

I will submit supporting narrative as the year progresses.


2011 BMY Honoree

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  1. I have always prided myself in being able to sense when one of my kids was sick, and for the most part, I have been dead on. But as mothers we well know that life has a way of taking us down a peg or two when we least expect it.

    When my 12 1/2 year old son complained on a Sunday that he didn't feel good, I initially told him he could stay home. I quickly changed my mind, however, reminding myself that I was raised to know the only way you can stay home sick was if you were running a fever or throwing up and he was doing neither. So I changed my mind, which didn't go over well with him. So much so that I had to physically dressed him in his suit myself.

    Off to church we went.

    He didn't complain anymore.

    But, on Monday morning at 4 am, he woke me up with his 12 1/2 years old.


    He missed four days of school that first week of December. I still feel bad.