Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Change of Pace....

Babygirl's biopsy report was essentially negative.  There is some kidney damage that is likely due to her tacrolimus.   Since she can't tolerate Rapamune and no longer qualifies for an experimental protocol, they are keeping the dose as low as possible. 

There is no evidence so far that the antibodies she is producing are actually damaging the kidney.  That means that we were discharged from the hospital with instructions to follow up in one month.  No further biopsies are needed unless her creatinine rises significantly.  The theory right now is that the antibodies had a chance to get started because they had to drop the dose of her Cellcept last spring because her white cell count dropped so low.  They are gradually increasing the dose.  Although they can't stop her from producing antibodies, they can attempt to control the cells that make them.

We can live with this kind of change of pace.  We packed for a one-month stay and left after 24 hours.  Since it's usually a bit more the other way 'round, I'm pleased.

Rejection is inevitable.  Timeline is unknown.  But at least we don't have to do anything new or difficult about it.

We'll be home tomorrow.  Oh, and Mom made it home from the hospital today.


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