Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday, Monday.....

I have often told people that I come to work to rest.  It's not a witticism, it is the plain and simple truth.

I spent much of my weekend packing and moving and packing and moving and packing and moving stuff from my Mom's house to here, where I carry all the boxes up to the second floor to store until she actually moves in in two weeks.  Babygirl was most helpful in this endeavor, carrying nearly as much as I did.  Since JuJuBee still has (had) stuff upstairs, we brought THAT all down (hey, we were up there anyway) so she could carry it all up two flights of stairs to the attic.  Babygirl helped with that as well. 

When we finally come to UNpacking, every single thing is going to need a good hose-down to get rid of dust, cat fur and nicotine.  I'd have done that before packing it all, but I wasn't the only one doing the packing (my Mom has one fantastic friend who is a packing demon!) and it will probably be simpler to clean things as they are being put away. 

In the midst of all of this I still need to keep my side of the house kidney-transplant clean.  I started cleaning before church on Sunday, and in the process discovered a pile of mail that included a bank statement.  I had just paid bills the day before and would have balanced the checkbook if I'd known the statement was here, so I sat down and took care of it.  Somewhere along the way a bit of panic set in - so MUCH to do, so little time in which to do it!  So I did something I rarely ever do - I skipped church.  The extra three hours did allow me to finish cleaning, so I could devote my afternoon to packing and moving and packing and  moving and get the idea.

My thighs are KILLING me.


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