Friday, April 19, 2013

Two Years......Week One-oh-four......

It was two years ago this week that Babygirl was diagnosed with nephronophthisis.  Twenty months since she started dialyis.  Almost fifteen months since her transplant. 

There should be something profound for me to say.

I was talking about this with my Mom, and she said, "Well, what have you learned?"

"I've learned they can't fix her."

The pain I feel about all of this is still fresh and raw.  I think that it's still so painful because there is never time to allow for healing.  Just about the time a scab starts to form, something comes along and scrapes it off.  Sepsis. (Scrape) Rejection. (Scraaape) Headaches. (SSScraaapppe)  Biopsies. (Sandpaper) Spinal tap. (RRRIIIPPPPP)  Dehydration.  Missed school. Antibodies.  Headaches. (Pick pick pick pick pick)

We travel to Philly next weekend.  I could use a no-news visit.

And a ride on a rollercoaster - the real kind, not the emotional/medical kind.


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