Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Mom is out of ICU.  They have resumed the fluid restriction (1500 cc's/day - less than two quarts) that they failed to tell us about when they discharged her last week.  I spoke to her nurse tonight and he has no idea what the ongoing plan is.  The conversation went like this:

Me:  There's a problem with the fluid restriction.

Nurse:  And that is?

Me:  She has dementia.  They sent her home with this restriction two weeks ago today and she's back because you didn't tell us and she didn't remember.  And even if she does remember, she's stubborn and she'll do whateverthehell she likes when she gets home. 

Nurse:  I'd noticed.

I pointed out the issue with the dementia and asked why the doctors weren't communicating with us more.  He pointed out (politely) that he can't read their minds. 

The nurses aid mumbled something about "institutions" and "arrangements" and "discharge planning" and gave me a number to call tomorrow.  She informed me that the case manager comes in "wicked early:"  8 AM.  This is, of course, when I start work.  I guess if you work the evening shift 8 AM seems pretty early.


The sad thing is that I know that if they don't manage the fluid restriction, her heart will fail.  If they DO manage the fluid restriction, her kidneys will fail.

It's a suckathon.


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  1. Indeed it is "suckathon" and I am so sorry! I am here if you need me. By the way, many case managers start at 7:00am.The head of all of them is Debbie Blakeny at Lourdes should you need more assistance with reaching one of them.