Friday, April 5, 2013

Week One Hundred and Two - Painting With Brownie Mix....

I took this week off.  I asked for it months ago.  We were supposed to be all ready for my Mom to move in by the first of the month, but with one thing and another we'll be getting her here in about two weeks. 

It was good that I had this week off scheduled.  Babygirl's biopsy was so delayed that this timed out well.  Had she needed to stay in the hospital I wouldn't have had to reschedule anything except my life.  And since we got home in a timely fashion, I have time to paint. 

We have a good friend who is tackling the walls and ceilings, but he's not as able as he once was to get low down and paint trim.  I estimate that the trim on this side of the house was last painted sometime before we bought the place 21 years ago.  It's grimy, dry, and grey-looking.  The 'white' trim includes the stairs, handrail and spindles.  An acre of so of 8" baseboards and a mile or two of window trim.  It also includes an entire wall of bookshelves.  And the fireplace bricks.  It's a LOT of white. 


I have been painting this stuff for weeks off and on.  And I've been staring at those bricks.  It's not as if I haven't painted bricks - I think I've painted the fireplace on the other side twice.  So I know for certain just how big of pain this is.  And frankly, I'm tired of the white.  We don't have the funds to do a big makeover, but if I'm going to buy paint anyway, I can buy any color, right? 

The walls are a nice pale khaki.  I brought home a handful of paint chips and let them sit against the fireplace and the walls, and picked two more colors - one a darker version of the khaki and one dark brown.  I trimmed out the space behind the shelves in the medium color, and tackled the fireplace with the brown, which is named "Chocolate Sparkle."

Babygirl is helping with this project.  When we opened the paint can she looked in and said, "It looks just like brownie mix!"  She has a point.  We're a little over halfway done painting with the brownie mix.  I'm not 100% convinced this was a good idea, although it IS quite a change from the white. 

The good thing about painting is that it's a bit like getting a haircut.  For $25 and a bit of time you can change things.


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