Monday, June 3, 2013

A Hundred Bucks......

The number of times we've been in a place where we ran the risk of bouncing a check, picking between eating or not eating while traveling, skipping mom and dad's medication copayments to get Babygirl's medication instead have been considerable.  But each and every single time we were looking at that kind of money-juggling, someone came along and handed us a hundred bucks. 

We've been extremely blessed.  We avoided many, many tough choices because people simply realized the kind of pressure we must be under.  We never had to ask.  We never had to go without anything that mattered.  And we've ridden over that hump and are, this year, doubly blessed by not even needing to consider choices of that kind.  All the bills are paid, the emergency fund is recovering, vehicles are running, and there's money left over for the all-to-frequent runs for frozen yogurt.

But we know that that isn't true for everybody.  But here's a cool story:

This guy hit the bottom-of-the-barrel level of broke.  He asked for help.  He got it.  And now he's paying it back, a hundred bucks at a time.  I pray that the people who receive that money are blessed as much as we were by the many gifts we were given.  And I'm eternally grateful that I'm not one of the people who needs the gift this time.

It's just plain nice to hear stories of people helping each other, even if they've never actually met each other.


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