Sunday, June 9, 2013

Slathered in Chocolate.....

There isn't much bad that you can say about a day that began with a long soak in a tub followed by a cocoa massage.

Given that the Hershey Hotel ( offers peppermint scented shampoo and lotion, this made me smell a bit like a peppermint patty. 

Amazing weekend with Citygirl.  We fit in a week's worth of relaxation.

And FYI - if offered the opportunity to go on Skyrush, give it a moments' pause.  I'm a huge coaster fan, but this one knocked me out of the park (literally) with whiplash.  What you can't see here ( is that one person is hanging off each edge of the coaster (which is kind of cool), and there is not bumper system to keep your head in one place (which is totally not cool.  I felt my neck go 'crunch' at the first corner and had to fight the rest of the ride to keep my head from flying off.  But hey, cocoa massage makes everything all better).

More later.


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