Sunday, June 16, 2013

Third Year, Week 8 - Low Energy.....

It's not that I haven't had any thoughts interesting enough to blog about.  It isn't that I couldn't squeeze at least two more stories out of Citygirl's and my incredible weekend.  It certainly isn't due to a lack of laughter, good books and good workmates.  It isn't even a sign of fatigue or depression.

I'm in a low energy cycle. 

I think everybody has them.  You have exactly enough energy to get through whatever it is you are doing at the moment, and not one shred extra.  You aren't tired or sad, or listless or bored.  You just don't have any reserves.  If someone else suggests something entertaining you're happy to go along, but not energetic enough to plan something on your own.

Low energy cycles are weather-driven to some extent.  Our late spring has been cool and rainy.  I WANT to plant the flowers I bought 3 weeks ago, but while I might have enough oomph to plant them on a sunny day, planting them in the cloudy cold rain is just too much work.  I have enough energy to finish a book but not enough to look for a new one.  I can work without praying for the day to end early but not hang out and dust my desk.

I've had a very good week overall, and so has Babygirl.  She made it to four days of school.  Hubby and I played a game at least one evening.  I've skipped the 'hard' Sudoku and done a half-dozen 'medium' ones.  I haven't wasted much thought about the results of last weeks' tests, and haven't heard one way or the other. I packed for Babygirl's doctor visit tomorrow as if we are staying a week, like always, and included some of the lovely free samples from the spa.

I enjoyed my sister-in-law's "I Got My Son Through High School" celebration, meeting all of her friends at long last, after hearing about them for years.  I took the opportunity to thank them for all they did for Babygirl and I, sight unseen, over the past year and a half, and all they did for my sis while her father was dying last fall. 

Maybe it isn't low energy.  Maybe this is what it's like to feel relaxed and unstressed.  I'm not sure.  I mean, there must have been some point in my life when I was not stressed, right?  I just don't think I can quite remember what it feels like!


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