Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Upside of Whiplash.....

Citygirl's unexpected invitation to spend the weekend at a posh resort (courtesy of one of her world wine tour scholarship buddies) was welcome, if untimely.  Our weekends this month are jammed with activity!  But since Citygirl is trading in her glamorous life for Birkenstocks on the west coast, I jumped at the opportunity to spend some time with just her.  The last time I did was over 3 years ago on a whirlwind Disney-on-your-birthday weekend that was as exhausting as it was exciting.  This was a whole different thing.

Citygirl and I approached the city of Hershey from slightly different directions and met up a few miles outside of our destination.  Since she has a GPS I agreed to follow her from there.  GPS's are interesting.  They don't always pick the most efficient route, but you do see some very lovely things!  The road we came in on was one of the few I've been on that made MY stomach drop every 10 seconds.  It was quite entertaining.

Checking into the hotel, we were offered a choice of 'Milk or Dark chocolate?"  We were given room keys, a property map (yeah, it's that big) and an envelope containing two $25 discount cards for Polo Ralph Lauren at the nearby outlet mall and two free tickets to HersheyPark, Hershey Gardens, and The Hershey Story Museum.  Our room overlooked the amusement park.

Following our brief whiplash-inducing visit to the amusement park (and the fabulous thing about free tickets is that you don't feel at all bad when you don't get every single minute out of them!), we returned to the hotel and discussed pools and hot tubs, discovering that Citygirl had forgotten to bring a bathing suit.  We checked out the bathing suit shop in the hotel ($350 for a swimsuit?  I think not.) and decided to head for the outlet malls.  Using our $25 card got her a lovely suit, deep purple, outlet priced at $90 for $35 (yeah, the math doesn't work.  Turns out the suit was also on sale!).  I found a very nice lightweight cardigan and got it for $4.  Yeah, a Polo sweater LOL.

We went back, hung out by the adults-only pool (one of three) and let the poolside wait staff bring us ice water, and ultimately some iced Irish coffee. 

I  have a sunburn.  Citygirl has tan lines.  The day was an unqualified success and we haven't even had dinner yet.  And we'd have wasted much of it on roller coasters if I hadn't hurt myself a little on the first one.  Yup, whiplash isn't always a bad thing.


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