Friday, June 21, 2013

Third Year, Week Nine - Reprieve......

Babygirl's local labs from yesterday were excellent!  Creatinine back down to 0.9, neutrophils doubled to 1,800, acid slightly less pronounced. She'll be starting a new medication to combat that today.


We went to the Chinese buffet last night for the first time in well over a year.  And we had dessert at Sweet Lips, a new local ice cream shop. 

My mom will be home from the hospital today, at least partially recovered from whatever infection she had.  And I finally got a call back on my tests.

The EEG is clear, no evidence of seizures.  The MRI, on the other hand, shows new areas of damage from the migraines.  My neurologist is pushing me to be more agressive with treatment meds (immitrex in this case) but not increasing prevention meds (because they have all, thus far, been more or less intolerable). 

And we are entering summer with the best news we could ask for:  Babygirl's passport has arrived!  Let the Paris planning begin!


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