Friday, November 1, 2013


I'm safe here in my home town.  The ride was uneventful.  We didn't leave home until 4 PM because Babygirl wanted to come along for the ride. 

That was okay, actually.  I had to go in and finish up that root canal this morning!  It actually went very well, but I am SO tired of having half of my face numb.  Now I need to schedule with my dentist to finish it all up. 

After THAT delightful start to my day (well, not the start, I guess - I went in to work for an hour first), I went off to Staples in search of some sort of computer desk-wheely cart thing to use at work to keep my wrists happier.  It's a very bad sign if you start having pain less than two weeks into the new level of computer usage.  I found one, took it to work (my day off, right?) and assembled it.  Still numb, I went home to sort Mom's meds, dress my dad's foot, and pack and load up to bring him home.

So far, so good. No flat tire.  No car drama.  No U-turns, missing tools, lost luggage.

But the bad news?  Because you know that there has to be some?

I just tucked Babygirl back into bed.  She has a bellyache, different than the last ones.  And she has chills.  Her current temp is 97, but I've thus far never seen her have chills that didn't lead to a hospital admission.

And we are eight hours from CHOP.

 So all you night owls, send up a prayer.  I'm going to crawl into bed with her and hope for the best.


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