Thursday, April 23, 2015

And Snow in April.....

Babygirl's Saturday lab results came in on Monday. Her creatinine continues to creep downward and is now at 0.98.  Her potassium was also low, a brand-new issue, so we're pushing broccoli and fruit.  Her headaches have been remarkably good, until a pretty bad one this morning.  Her head simply must not like snow.

People are acting like snow in April was just invented, but to me it seem pretty normal.  I recall a Mother's Day a few years back where I snapped a picture of about six inches of snow on my blooming yellow forsythia.  Pretty, but kind of depressing for May.  April snow I can handle, even if it means having to glove up to walk the dogs.

I managed to walk them both together this morning and I didn't die and both of my arms are still in their sockets.  Maybelle is doing pretty well!


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