Sunday, April 5, 2015

Canceling Easter.....

Due to the many uncertainties surrounding Babgirl's recent hospital stay, we opted to cancel our usual Easter festivities.  We all went to church as usual, and it was lovely, but there was no Easter egg/basket hunt, no family dinner, no candy gorging, no deviled eggs.

It was a good plan. Babygirl is sleeping.  I'm ready for a nap.  Mom has no idea what day it is.  The Easter Bunny has a cold and pinkeye.  The grandkids can romp at their other Grandma's house. 

We didn't get home until last night at nearly 7. We didn't have eggs died, baskets shopped for, or candy.  Overall, the stress of getting a holiday put together would have outweighed the fun.

I am going to go lay down.  Time enough for Easter next weekend, somehow. 

He is Risen.  He didn't need the party anyway LOL.


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