Friday, April 17, 2015

Things We Shouldn't Forget.....

While we were getting ready to have Babygirl's most recent biopsy Dr L mentioned that it was her third. 

"No.  It's her second.  She had one shortly after the transplant, and that was it."

Odd, he said.  There appeared to be two previous biopsy reports on file.  But I was SURE she'd had only one.

Until I stumbled across this post:  A Change of Pace....

How. Did. I. Forget. This?

It beggars my imagination to realize that my kid went under general anesthesia for a procedure and I didn't have the slightest recollection of the event.  It frightens me more than a little to consider that our lives have become so absurdly abnormal that I could just blank this out, like a bad first date or something. 

That is just.....wrong.


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