Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Red Salad Bowl.....

Red is, as you know, Babygirl's favorite color.  A few years ago Aldi had a bright red salad bowl set for sale, so I bought it to cheer her up.  The little bowls have largely bit the dust, but the big bowl is hanging in there.  I use it frequently.

It's my Pill-Hauling Bowl.

I have to sort pills several times a month: For me, for my Mom, and for Babygirl.  We each have a pretty good collection of medications, more than can be grabbed in one run to the pill cupboard. (Notice 'pill cupboard.'  Not 'medicine cabinet.'  There isn't a medicine cabinet in the world big enough for a transplant/migraine patient.)  So I grab the big red bowl, load it up with the dozens of pill bottles, and make a separate run for the stragglers and the pill sorters. 

It's become routine for us, and I don't think about it much, but I did it in front of my Mom last night and noted her level of astonishment at the sheer size of the project. 

How weird has life gotten that it seems normal to need a large salad bowl to carry all of your kid's medicine bottles from one place to another?

She takes twenty-one pills in the morning, and twenty-three in the evening, not counting this weeks' extra steroids.


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