Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You Impossible People.....

After dinner discussion about the possibility of getting an additional family dog from a local shelter.

Babygirl:  "When I get a house of my own I'm going to get a COOL dog."

Mom: "Can I come visit?"

Momentary pause....followed by snickers, then outright laughter.

Babygirl: ".....well, I guess you can, if you're a ghost!"

Mom: "Do you expect me to be demised?"

Me:  " 'Demise' is not a verb, Mom."

Mom: "You people are impossible to talk to!" I am typing.....

Mom: "You have a blog?"

Babygirl:  "I should do a video blog on YouTube.  But I'd need a video camera."

Mom, to me:  "Buy her a camera! You have the solution to all of her modern problems!"

Babygirl:  (Laughing hysterically) "There is no solution for all of my problems."

Mom:  "You have problems? That's terrible, because it's only going to go downhill from here."

"Thanks, Grandma...."

Hmm....and you think WE are impossible to talk to?


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