Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Drumroll, Please.....

I got a team call on speakerphone today about Babygirl's biopsy and test results.  I'm certain I've never had test results given by a group before. It was a bit...unnerving.  Like eavesdropping, a bit.

The results were generally very good: The viral studies were entirely negative. There is no antibody-mediated rejection.  There is no cell-mediated rejection.  There is no evidence of damage from the rejection medication.  There are a few neutrophils (bacteria fighters) hanging around for no apparent reason, which is baffling.  There is non-specific evidence of inflammation with no good explanation for WHY it is there, but it is mild.  The final report officially reads: "Mild subacute rejection" but none of the doctors feel this is an entirely correct interpretation of the findings, although none of them could put a better label on it.

Alrighty then.

Well, if you and a team of pathology experts can't quite figure it out don't ask me to explain it any better either.  Just give me the plan.

Since things don't look too bad, they don't want to readmit her.  We are to do a short burst of high-dose rapidly tapered oral prednisone and recheck the creatinine in 10 days.  If things are still not better then the next plan is to increase one of the anti-rejection medications (the mycophenolate) and carry on. 

Works for me.  Let's hope the kidney agrees.


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