Monday, April 13, 2015

The Annual Financials.....

From a medical perspective it's been a cheap year. 

That's a relative concept, of course. 

Babygirl's Medicare premiums rose to a total of $1258 for the year.   Given what we are seeing in terms of our deductibles and increased medication copayments for this year already, we are going to be losing ground on this one now that the Medicare is gone as of February 28th.

Our medical mileage for the year came to only 2545 miles.  Since in 2012 we hit over 14,000, this isn't bad.  The deduction for this would be $764.

Tolls and parking were a mere $140.

Medication copayments came to $2400 for the three of us, with Babygirl being the lowest contributor since her copayments were largely picked up by Medicare. 

Hospital bills, dental care, eyeglasses and miscellaneous came to just under an additional $1000, bringing the total to an almost even $5500.  That's about $460/month, and it doesn't include my pretax payment of our health/dental insurance, which is another $180/month for the family.

$640/month in medical expenses. 

And not one penny of it will be tax deductible this year because we didn't spend enough for that, thanks be to God. 

I have never tried to get a total of what we would owe if we didn't have insurance.  I see the hospital bills, of course, but I don't really have any idea about the pharmacy bills.  And I'm afraid to ask:  I just don't want to know.


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