Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cool Runnings...

Yesterday Babygirl and I watched Princess Bride and Hotel for Dogs.  But yesterday she was feeling a little bit better.  They were ready to discontinue her antibiotics, an important step in getting her home, when she spiked up to 103.6 again.  I took the temperature and reported it to the nurse.  True to the spirit of the day, she came in, shoved the thermometer between Babygirl's chattering teeth and got a reading of 100.4, which is of no real concern.  She went back to giving report (because all potential disasters begin at shift change).  Since Babygirl had just been given a dose of Tylenol, I felt it was important to document that she really, really had a fever before it kicked in.  I rechecked it axillary (armpit).  103.4.  I went back to the nurses station, apologized for having a problem at shift change but insisted that she come back and redo it.  Yup.  Over 103.  This of course gets a call to the doc, and the antibiotics are reinstated before she's even missed a dose.

It was a long night.  Leg and back pain from the spinal tap.  Headache.  Fever and chills.  I got a couple hours' sleep a couple of times.

Today she's still on antibiotics.  Still running well over 103 whenever the Tylenol wears out.  Taking oxycodone for headaches and leg pain.

Neuro finally arrived today.  Turns out that no one ever actually formally consulted them.  The young lady who came had already read the chart, had a good grip on the story, the labs, the MRI and the spinal tap.  She is putting a plan in place that will keep trying new medications until the headache breaks.  She agrees that this fever episode likely has nothing to do with the headaches, and they will proceed as if it doesn't. 

It sounds great in theory.  Like the Jamaican bobsled team.  How it works in actual fact will be interesting to see.  So Babygirl and I are going to watch Cool Runnings today, the best anti-depressant movie that ever was.  Beating the odds and triumphing over adversity are themes that resonate for us today.

"Peace be the journey."


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