Monday, December 31, 2012

Week Eighty-eight - Hope for the New Year.....

It's been a quiet holiday week.  Christmas Eve was spent with family, a lovely church service that included Boo and Squeaker, and some assistance by Santa's finest helpers (Hubby, me, Citygirl and my oldest nephew, known to the gaming world as Parrow).  I was in bed on Christmas Eve by 10:30, a personal record early retiring time. 

Christmas morning I was the only one up from about 6:30 to nearly ten when I finally sent out some text messages to see where all my sleepyheads were!  Babygirl is the only "child" in the house, and even she was in no hurry to check out the bounty under the tree!  By the time Jujubee, Curlygirl, and Bella (one of our foster kids, now grown and with a little man of her own) came, present-opening was in full swing. 

Sadly, I was nursing a violent cold, and spent a good bit of Christmas day dozing on the couch, and bless everybody else for making that possible.  Dinner was lovely (great, great thanks to my sis-in-law for making that AMAZING cake!), the day peacefully chaotic.

But my best present by far has been the hopeful direction taken by Babygirl's headaches.  She's not waking up in pain every day.  She's not laying around doing nothing for hours on end hoping for a break in the pain.  She's not needing pain meds for times a day, and nausea meds around the clock. 

She's feeling better.  There have even been a couple of days with no pain at all. 

Hope is a very, very good feeling.  Looking forward with my head up instead of feeling like I need to duck-and-cover feels very good indeed.

Happy New Year's Eve to all of you!  Be safe, be blessed, be at peace.


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  1. I guess we need to be thankful for every little thing in our life....have a happy!!

    Lorraine T.