Monday, December 10, 2012


After my meltdown at CHOP the night of Babygirl's spinal tap, hospital staff wheeled her stretcher back to her room.  We were accompanied by a security guard, not because they thought I'd lost my mind, but because there is a system of 'patient only' elevators that are operated by staff ID badges.  These can be called ahead for by security and held where they are needed - a very important feature when one is transporting a very sick kid. 

While this journey was in progress, our security guard, who clearly had a bead on how close I was to complete hysteria, stopped with us, keyed into a room off the hallway we were using, and came out with a handmade quilt.  She covered my sleeping Babygirl with it, saying, "She looks like a girl who likes red."  The quilt is red, white and blue on the patterned side, and red, white and black on the back. 

Babygirl was wearing hospital scrubs and draped in white hospital blankets, leaving only her face and long black hair showing. 

But she was right, somehow.  Babygirl's favorite color IS red, and coupling red with black and white defines her usual use of the color.  It was a comforting moment. 

There are a variety of organizations who make quilts for sick children - she received a very small one when she got her kidney transplant.  Whoever the folks are who make them ( and among others), we appreciate them.  They have brought bright spots to many dark days for sick and needy children.

And Babygirl is thrilled to have the quilt - she has it displayed across the back of her futon/couch in her room.


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