Friday, December 14, 2012

Week Eighty-Six - Superstition.....

We are leaving today to visit my Dad.  It's an annual pre-Christmas journey.  I love to go despite the drive because it gives me one solid day where I have nothing to do and no responsibility beyond picking up a couple of the famous local pizzas. Despite the fact that we are traveling four hours directly into the snow belt, we've never had weather so bad that we've had to cancel, turn back, or stay extra days.  Rhonda the Honda had her obligatory pre-trip breakdown yesterday (the alternator that the garage JUST installed died - easy fix, no charge), so I am superstitiously confident that she'll make it there and back, no problem.

The same feeling surrounds my thoughts about Babygirl.  I realize that statistically speaking, she is just as likely to get sick five minutes after her last illness as five months after, but still....  I feel like the recent hospitalization has "sick-proofed" us for the holidays.  I expect she'll have headaches, but that's our 'new normal' anyway, right?  After all, she's been averaging one hospital stay every two months - February, April, May/June, August and November/December (we've been in twice for 'month changes').  So we should be in the clear until February unless the germ gods notice that we skipped October.

Seriously.  Knock wood, throw salt over your shoulder, avoid black cats and stay away from ladders.  All of those make as much sense as most of my thinking regarding Babygirl's struggles.  Near as I can tell, there is no way to 'disaster-proof'' our lives.  It's just more Magical Thinking.


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