Sunday, December 23, 2012

Welcome to The Bench....

Theologically speaking, I truly believe that when I die I will go straight to heaven.  But our family has an ongoing joke about having to make a stop on the way The Bench.

The Bench is on the warm side of Purgatory.  We can tell because we frequently smell bacon cooking.....our bacon, as it were.  It's not uncommon for someone in the family to say something, well, hysterically funny but rather unkind, and then rub their hiney and say, "Do you smell bacon?"  We figure The Bench has our family name carved on the back.  I might stay there so long the grandkids will meet me there. 

Today is my Mom's 75th birthday.  In anticipation of this event, Babygirl and her cousin were baking sugar cookies. I was cleaning, and Hubby was putting together a fantastic lasagna.  Some distance separated us all, and none of us could see out of the same windows. 

I suddenly heard Hubby exclaim, "Well, speak of the Devil!"

From the other side of the house came this reply from Babygirl:  "Oh, Grandma is here??"

Welcome to The Bench, Babygirl.  I'll save you a seat.


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