Monday, December 3, 2012

Last Day In....

We are safe at home.  Babygirl has new meds, a written ER plan, but no new advice about how to deal with the headaches day by day.  She was pain free all day yesterday, and started a new headache today at dinner.

Some minor questions remain.  What's up (or rather down) with her blood pressure?  She hasn't restarted her blood pressure meds and as of this morning she was still running low.  It's under observation.  I'm guessing that it won't take that long to rise and again require medications.  We have instructions on what to do about it if it happens.  What caused the fever?  Aside from one episode of vomitting, she had NO other symptoms.  This makes Hubby very nervous, but I don't really care.  They did find that funky Group G strep (which usually doesn't make people sick but that she's had twice during illnesses in the past year).  The antibiotics she was on IV should have taken care of it, and they want her local doc to do a throat culture when she isn't sick to see if it's just something she carries around.

Other than this, the scary questions have been answered.  There are no brain tumors or aneurisms.  No spinal tumors.  No brain or spinal cord degeneration.  No viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal infections of the spinal fluid.  No increased pressure on the brain.  No evidence of nerve irritation or damage.

Migraine.  Migraine and an unrelated unidentified viral illness, or strep throat variant.

I'll take it.

But I made a suggestion to the staff at CHOP:  They should keep a bowl of Valium at the nurses station, kind of like a bowl of M&M's, so the parents can help themselves as needed.

Oh, and they should outlaw this question:  "Are you all right?"


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