Friday, May 25, 2012

Aw, Crap - Part Two......

We repeated blood work yesterday morning. Late yesterday afternoon the nurse practitioner called with the results. 

Babygirl's creatinine is still 1.1.  Re-hydrating her did not help, so there is great concern about why the kidney is so unhappy.  They suspect it may be the tacrolimus, which prevents rejection but can, in and of itself, cause kidney damage.  They want us to come to Philadelphia on Tuesday morning, instead of next Monday (so much for "see you in two weeks"!) to have STAT blood work.  If her creatinine remains elevated, she will be admitted overnight for a kidney biopsy.  Oh, yippee.

And because that really isn't quite enough crappy news, her neutrophil count has dropped some more.  So no church on Sunday, no going out in public, no friends over and so on. And because they think her OTHER anti-rejection medication is causing that, we've had to decrease the dose again, which logically means that her kidney is more likely to be rejected, so we're more likely to end up needing that biopsy.

So last night hubby and I decided to pretend it was a weekend.  We barbecued, and had a couple of drinks and got silly.  At one point I asked him, "Is there any problem alcohol can't solve?"  He replied, "Alcoholism."  I laughed myself stupid.  I love that guy!


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