Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week Fifty-six - The Letter......

I finally managed to compose a letter.

"Dear Jorge's Parents,

There is no way to thank you enough for the gift that Jorge gave our Babygirl.  She was on dialysis for a long time, hooked to a machine all night, every night.  Since she received Jorge's kidney, she has been able to sleep - no machine, and no pain.

Your description of Jorge, 'a boy very beloved, and with a big heart,' could be a description of Babygirl.  I think they are a match in every way.

Babygirl is in 6th grade.  Last week she was able to attend school for all 5 days for the first time all year. 

Thank you is not enough.

Babygirl's parents

PS We would be very happy to hear more about Jorge"

I included two pictures of her, one recent, and one when she was younger. 

I hope they write back.  It took about five weeks for us to get the letter they wrote, so it may take quite a while.


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