Thursday, May 24, 2012

Week Fifty-seven - The Changing of the Password....

It's been over three months since I returned to work following Babygirl's transplant.  I know that it's so because I had to change my office passwords today.  I put new passwords in immediately following my return to work because they had expired while we were in Philadelphia, and we are automatically prompted to change them every twelve weeks or so. 

So, good-bye, KdnyDnr1.  Farewell to my daily reminder to pray for Jorge's family.  And good-bye as well to the unrealistic hope that having a new kidney would make life 'easier' for us.  We still have a chronically ill little girl, and for us the vigilance really hasn't changed a lot. 

But thanks be to God, it has changed for HER.  She feels SO much better that it's a jolt, a shock, a blessed reminder of who and what she once was.  Even today, unable to go to school, she's feeling so much like herself that she's rather angry that she can't go!

And I don't need more of a daily reminder to pray than that.


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