Sunday, May 27, 2012


Everyone who reads this blog has a grip on what a challenge this has been financially.  We started last year with no back bills, no credit card debt and a big savings account.  We are now maxed out on one credit card, carry a balance for our tolls on another, and are living paycheck to paycheck.  Each trip to Philadelphia costs about $100.  The car needs an expensive repair to get the air conditioning running (not a luxury in our situation since Babygirl really can't take the heat).  And two days ago we discovered we need a part for the pool filter (yeah, that's a luxury, but Babygirl can't swim in a public pool if her immune system isn't working well).  As of yesterday I was wondering where the money would come from for the unexpected trip we have to make tomorrow, but hey, God's been taking care of it, so.....

I have had no less than four people offer to lend us reliable cars with working AC.  I have had one person ask me to get an updated estimate on the repair so they can help pay for it.  And if that's not enough, there was church this morning.

Apparently our church decided to make us a mission project.  Each year we collect money for The Great Fifty Days (the Easter season, a "week of weeks and a day", seven weeks after Easter plus Pentecost Sunday), and the money is donated to some cause, usually some special need outside of our church.  But this morning they called Hubby and me up to the front and presented us with a check.  A LARGE check.  A check big enough to repair the car, get the filter part, get us to Philly, and make a dent in that credit card.

We stood in front of our congregation and cried.  We are not a huge church, number-wise.  I know that people gave who probably could afford it about as well as we can.  I know that this is the most loving, faithful, dedicated bunch of folks that ever, ever gave praise to God on a Sunday.  They feed the hungry, clothe the needy, and go out into the world without hesitation to serve in whatever way they can.

And they love.

 Babygirl couldn't go this morning because her immune system is too weak, so we told her about it when we got home.  We kept it simple, but we went out and bought her a bright red beanbag chair for her room - something she's wanted for a long time that we've had on hold.  Red's her favorite color, and coincidentally the color of Pentecost, representative of the Spirit that moved to give us this gift.

It's tough to make me speechless.  Tough to make me cry in public.  They did both today.


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  1. WOW... I sit here with tears in my eyes, and know How Very Faithful He is....