Thursday, May 10, 2012

Week Fifty-five - "The Reveal" Is Coming.......

I found this in my inbox today, from Make-A-Wish:

"Hi there! Can you keep a secret? We are ready to grant Ana's wish!! But we don't want you to tell her that yet. I need a few things from you first:

1.) We would like to reveal her wish on 6/1/12 - it's a Friday - would this work for you?

2.) Who would you like to invite to the reveal party?

3.) Does Babygirl have any food restrictions at this time?

4.) Anything else you can think of that we would need to consider when planning?

We are getting excited and hope you are all doing well!!"

Well, DANG, I AM excited!  We still don't know which of her wishes will be granted - so I'm a little nervous! 

And remember - it's a SECRET!  Don't tell Babygirl!



  1. LOL! Hey, the kid is not connected to the net. So unless somebody tells her, it's a surprise!