Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aw, Crap......

I finally got a call from our nurse practitioner about yesterday's lab results.  It's not pretty.  The only really good news is that her tacrolimus level is adequate and not high enough to be the cause of all the bad news.

The bad news?  Well, we already knew her creatinine was too high.  But her bone marrow is not happy.  Her anemia is worse, her white cell count is too low, and her neutrophil count is below 1000 again.  It's not as bad as last time, but it's enough for us to need to keep her home from school until we get the results of the labs we're going to do on Thursday morning.

The worse news?  There appears to be only one medication left on board that can be causing the problem with her bone marrow, and that's the mycophenylate.  They already decreased the dose in case it was the cause of the problem originally, and they stopped two other medications.  And they can't decrease it more because her creatinine is going UP which of course could be a sign of rejection and not merely dehydration.

And if her creatinine IS up because she was dehydrated, it was my fault.  We drove to Philly on a hot afternoon, and Rhonda the Honda does not have functioning air conditioning.  Babygirl slept, as usual, but I was pounding down water the whole way, and I should have made her do the same.

I guess we're going to have to start taking the big green van, but that will increase our gas costs about threefold, and I'm pretty sure it won't fit in CHOP's parking garage. We simply cannot afford to fix the AC in Rhonda for a while.


 And that's a prayer, not a cuss.


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