Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wine and Other Grownup Beverages.....

There is nothing new to report.  Babygirl has finished two of the three doses of steroids. They kept us here to observe for  hypertension, and they are observing.  And she has hypertension.  Normal blood pressure in  a girl her age should peak at about 110/70.  She's running 146/94 for most of today.  And without the increased dose of steroids, she runs 130/85 ON an antihypertensive.  It's very frustrating to know that they should, for the sake of her long-term health, be doing better.  I understand that the current appallingly high pressures are likely temporary.  But her day-to-day blood pressure control has been poor from the beginning.  When she was on dialysis we took her pressure every single day, and they were universally higher than they should be, and they did not treat them because the readings they got manually in the office were 'better' so they assumed our machine was not completely accurate.  Since the transplant I confess to being utterly non-compliant with checking her pressure (and I invested in a manual cuff so I could be more 'accurate' LOL).  Her blood pressure on office visits is almost always high, but now they assume that if we were checking at home we'd get better readings.  The obvious solution to this is for me to be more aggressive about checking.  I'm not sure why it's so hard for me to remember to do this. 

I must do better.

Last night, shortly after I posted, my nephew called and asked how I was (bless his teenaged heart, he really cares how we are doing!).  I mentioned that I need him to remind me to pack a bottle of wine and a bottle opener for next time!  Five minutes later, he called me back and said, "We're coming in."

Forty-five minutes later they arrived.  It's always good for Babygirl to have cousins stop in.  By the third day of this hospital stay, and following a massive dose of steroids she was unspeakably hyperactive.  They went upstairs.  Downstairs.  And again.  And they allowed me a bit of time for some relatively adult conversation. 

But the best part?  They didn't have any wine handy,  but they brought me a cranberry juice laced with vodka.  On ice.  Despite the less than comfortable sleep chair, I must say I slept very well. Thank God for adult beverages LOL.


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