Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day.....

It WAS a happy day.  My mom was there, although it took several reminders to make sure she made it.  Curlygirl, BoosMommy and Babygirl were all there.  Hubby made a roast chicken and a roast ham, with brownies with ice cream for dessert.  The girls did the dishes.  Boo got to practice her toddling.  Squeaker was delightfully charming. Citygirl sent flowers, as did Babygirl and her dad!

The only work I did prior to the Mother's Day celebration was to load the food into the oven, since Hubby works on Sunday mornings. 

And then, by 3 PM, it was over.  Curlygirl and Hubby left for today's appointment in Philadelphia.  The other girls and the babies went home.  Mom and I had some coffee together, and she left.

So I did some work.  I brought all the remaining dialysis crap downstairs for pickup later this week.  I'd managed to forget just how heavy 22 pound boxes are!  I was sweating when I finished.  I took Simon for a walk, to the river park and the river walk, making sure to keep him away from the water - his spaniel side REALLY pushes him to chase ducks!  I ate too many leftover brownies. I sat in my outdoor haven and read a little before the twilight faded completely.  It was a good day. 

I'm learning, mostly, to let the regret that it wasn't a completely "normal" day wash past me.  I felt it more at Easter, when the pressure of what is usually a happy, quiet holiday hit me harder.  Learning to fit family time into a significantly truncated day has been challenging, and I found it impossible to simply relax and let the day flow as best it could. I did better yesterday. I'll do better next time. 

Besides, the next holiday is Memorial Day.  Camping IS relaxing!  Okay, it's a germ extravaganza, and the first attempt since Babygirl's diagnosis, but at least we aren't hauling the dialysis machine along.  Hand sanitizer....hand sanitizer....hand sanitizer....


I'm clearly still having stress management issues LOL.


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