Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some Nice Down Time......

It's a great thing when a party happens spontaneously.  Curlygirl and Boo'sMommy needed to do some laundry, so they brought Boo and Squeaker along.  Squeaker's  big brother DoodleBug (seriously, I am NOT responsible for that nickname!) and his daddy were also here.  Since we had a crowd, we grilled burgers and dogs, cut up a watermelon, grilled some veggies and took the entire meal outside.

We have an old rope swing, and it was nice to see yet another generation of swingers!  The weather was lovely, the food and company of good quality, and I only got spit up on twice.  Boo discovered that walking on grass is not quite the same as walking indoors.  And of course she discovered that she rather likes the taste of grass, although she preferred graham crackers.

Graham crackers?  Well, of course!  You can't have a holiday weekend picnic without s'mores!  DoodleBug got over his dislike of sticky fingers and manfully chowed down at least three.  Babygirl loves s'mores, so if we can't manage camping and a real fire, marshmallows melted over the grill will do just fine.

Evening's over, laundry done, babies taken to their homes.  I'm exhausted, but relaxed.  The only dishes were the silverware and the grill basket the veggies cooked in.  Let's here it for paper plates and Solo cups!


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