Monday, May 28, 2012

Travel Day.....

While y'all are enjoying your Memorial Day picnics and remembrances, Babygirl and I will be on the road in a set of borrowed wheels (thanks to Mr. and Mrs. O, who because of Mr. O's transplant REALLY understand why we need this!).  Sadly, it's not a convertible, although I admit that that would defeat the purpose. It's a lovely day to drive by the looks of things, and we located the missing Ipod charger so we'll have some good tunes on the way!

We'll have the evening with family all the same.  I'm so grateful that we have a welcoming home at the other end of this journey!  I'm bringing watermelon, but I'm thinking that maybe another batch of s'mores might be in order....

I'm not looking forward to what tomorrow holds.  Procedures are never fun, and despite the wonderful folks at CHOP, admission doesn't seem like such a good time either. I'll do my best to keep everybody updated, although I'm betting that we won't have the kidney biopsy results until Wednesday.

Oh, and here's another I'm-medical-so-I-don't-know-what-normal-people-think moment:  Just because they are performing a biopsy doesn't mean that anyone is at all concerned about the possibility of Babygirl having cancer.  Biopsies are done for a variety of reasons, and in this case, it's to see what is causing the decline in kidney function.  Tissue looks different depending on what's hurting it, so if it's medication damage it will look different than if there is rejection-related damage.

I guess if I get to pick I want it to be medication related.  That way, I assume, they can change medications and make things better.  Doncha just love that Pollyanna attitude?


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