Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Little Delay.......

Frankenstorm was kind to us.  A few trees and branches here and there, some wandering trash cans, an entirely new and foreign pile of leaves in the backyard. 

But it has had some impact on us. We went to the family doc this morning to follow up on our ER visits.  The trip was no problem, a little drizzle but the river wasn't too high and the roads were clear.  We discussed the ongoing problem, and even though Babygirl awoke without a headache today, he decided to discuss her case with both neurology and nephrology before moving ahead.

He reached the neurologist on call and was told that oral steroids were okay (YAY!  The last thing we wanted to do was to try to set up daily IV's at home). They also recommended a low daily dose of topiramate, a seizure medication commonly used to treat migraine.  While in the ER we were told that Depakote was the first choice given all her other issues, so doc decided to speak to nephrology before commiting to a new med.

Turns out, CHOP is running on skeleten staff, outpatient visits cancelled, and no one who knows Babygirl in the office.  Thinking about it logically, they were almost dead center of the hurricane and not far inland.  When you look out of the upper windows at the hospital, you can see both the Delaware and the Schuykill rivers. 

Yeah, it might take a minute to get an expert consensus.  We'll start the extra steroids tomorrow.


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