Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two Visits in Two Days....

Babygirl's headache woke her up at 5:15 this morning.  She got up, took pain meds and went back to sleep. I woke her at 7 to take her anti-rejection meds, and she told me the headache was still a 10/10, that she felt like throwing up, and that it her her neck to bend her head down or to turn her head.  No fever, blood pressure okay, but DANG - that's a meningitis sign.

I called the on-call nephrologist and told her the story of the last two weeks.  She advised me to take Babygirl back to our local ER so they could put her in an ambulance to CHOP if she looked really ill, or to pack her up and bring her in myself if she didn't look too bad.  I opted for the latter - called in to work and hopped in the shower.

Somewhere between work yesterday and this morning I lost track of my phone.  The innumerable calls Hubby and I made searching for it killed the battery.  When I called in to work, I asked if my phone was there, and it was, on my desk, dead.  Dead dead.  I have no car charger for this phone, but I have a large number of miscellaneous cords that were at least similar so I grabbed a handful of them, hoping I could hook it to the USB charger in the car.

We got to the CHOP ER before noon, and of course by then Babygirl was ranking the headache a 1 on the 1-10 scale, but they listened carefully to the whole story, and because she was still refusing to have lights on without her sunglasses, they respected the fact that she was, indeed, still not recovered from this headache.  Using the resolution of her photophobia as their endpoint goal, they started treatment.  By four o'clock she was headache and photophobia free for the first time in three days.  She wanted pizza.  She's been chatty.  She wanted the radio on in the car.  It was very, very good to see.

But the other thing they really listened to was my concern about what to do tomorrow if the headache is back.  They consulted with pharmacy, nephrology and neurology, came up with a plan and discussed it with the family doc so he knows what to do next, if needed.

A PLAN.  Somebody else thinking ahead to the next crisis.  I can't describe what a relief it is to be sharing that load.



  1. Good God Darlene. I am praying for relief for you all - J

  2. OMG, I get stressed just reading about your poor baby. I hpe this resolves quickly poor bunny.