Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week Seventy-eight - Eternal Recovery......

Considering that we are not supposed to need to see the doctors until November 12th, we are seeing a lot of doctors.

First me, Emergency Room and then family doc.  Then Hubby - took a spill, hurt his back, and we spent Sunday afternoon in the ER when the whole thing went into spasms.  Then Babygirl and the walk-in clinic.  Our co-payments for these adventures will add up to $220, not including medications, which thus far have cost over $100.

It amazes me, overall, how crappy a group of otherwise healthy people can feel. 

I'm tapering my steroids, using inhalers like they are going out of style, and wishing there was an official nap time at work.  But I'm not giving up.  I've managed to walk every morning this week and worked out twice (after not going for nearly a month) so I feel like I'm making progress!

Now we just need to get Babygirl over her SECOND cold of the year and back to school!


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