Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week Seventy-seven - Happy Numbers......

Babygirl's results from Monday were pretty good overall.  The kidney is happy with a creatinine of 0.8 (yay!).  Her white cell count is still low, as is her neutrophil count, but neither is dangerous and both are fairly stable. 

She saw our family doc for a routine physical and he suggested some vaccine updates.  The transplant team ran this past the infectious disease team (yeah, really).   She needs an updated pediatric pneumonia vaccine followed, after a time, by an adult pneumonia vaccine (different strains of the same germ), a flu shot (done), and updated studies on her hepatitis immunity. 

Twenty-four our blood pressure monitoring revealed that her hypertension is not well controlled on the two meds she takes now, so they are switching out beta blocker (propranolol twice daily) for nadolol (once daily).  They are also hoping that this will decrease the frequency and severity of her headaches, which remain an ongoing problem at least three times a week.  The headaches are actually fairly disabling - she misses swim practice, leaves school, and so on for these.

And speaking of the headaches:  There are no local or regional pediatric neurologists who are taking new patients.  The one local doc who sometimes sees kids doesn't want her because of her general complexity, and the next nearest is almost as far away from us in the opposite direction as Philly, so we figured it just made sense to see the Philly docs for this also.

The best news of all?  We are returning to Philly (barring disaster) on November 12th, FIVE WEEKS from our last appointment!  That means four consecutive weeks without being on the road!  That is almost more than we've had free since January. 

The car is going to suspect we don't love her anymore.


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