Monday, October 15, 2012

Walking In......

Babygirl began complaining of a sore throat on Saturday.  Sunday she stayed home from church, curled up and quiet but not really sick - no fever or body aches.

This morning she looked 'peaked' as my mom would have said - a little glassy eyed.  She wasn't hungry, didn't want breakfast, and threw up her Mepron.  We waited a bit and tried again.  And threw up again. 

Vomiting twice before school starts is a pretty sure-fired way to get to stay home.  I went to work, and she curled up again, not eating or drinking much.  By dinnertime she was still not feeling well and ate little, but pushed fluids in pretty well.  Since there's no Mepron with the evening meds, she was able to keep everything down, but I decided it might be time to have her checked out.

Now remember, Babygirl just got through the GodzillaVirus, faster and easier than I did.  And although she was sick for a week, there was nothing about it that hit me in the gut and made me worry.  But tossing meds is a very serious thing (and I confess it did not occur to me nearly soon enough that she may have lost her OTHER meds at the same time - the Mepron is so incredibly thick that seeing leftover pills might not be possible), and something about the way she looks is niggling at my mind somehow.

So we went to the Walk In clinic. Driving over she began to complain about pain in her jaw.  I gave her a piece of gum while we were waiting because of the aftertaste from her meds, and she chewed it about four times and had to throw it out because of the pain. The clinic was amazingly efficient.  We arrived after seven and were out before eight. They were respectful of my concerns, tested her for strep and sent us off for blood work, the results of which are pending. We had to walk through the ER to get to the lab, and I have to say I'm grateful I didn't take her there - we'd still be waiting by tomorrow morning I think.

Odds are good it's some kind of viral crap.  But it's tough for me to come up with a viral syndrome that makes your JAW hurt.

She's in bed.  I'm waiting to hear on labs.  I hate, hate hatehatehate that niggle. 



  1. As I was told by my daughter's pediatrician last week when I freaked out and hauled her to the ER (after being told by multiple people that I was panicking, it could wait until morning, etc. etc), never ignore your Mom-dar! (like radar, but different! LOL). Turned out the swelling in her knee? Not a sprain, like I thought... the scrape on her knee was infected, and she had contracted a fairly nasty staph infection (thank goodness it wasn't MRSA). I know the feeling, and I, too, hate the niggle.