Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today Is.....

I drove Babygirl to school this morning, and we were discussing swimming.

Me:  "Did you know your uncle was a swimmer?  He set some high school records.  He was also lifeguard at the pool in the summer - you know, the handsome guy all the girls drooled over."

Babygirl: "Wow. A whole lotta years have gone by......"

 It was a VERY good thing that I had just used the bathroom.

Today is AWESOME.  I know this because of Babygirl.  I dropped her off at school this morning with a big smile on her face.  Today, she will actually be able to finally swim with the swim team (she's been on the team but not allowed to swim pending clearance from the school doc, and then Godzilla got her).

She was wearing knee-high black boots, bright neon pink skinny jeans, and a black t-shirt.  And that is how I know about today - the fluorescent pink smiley face on the black shirt surrounded by the words:  "Today Is AWESOME". I don't remember buying the shirt or actually seeing it on her before, but it made me smile, really smile.

I agree.


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