Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week Seventy-six - Long Weekend.....

Babygirl has no school tomorrow or Monday, so apparently I asked for those days off too.  It's always nice to be surprised by a long weekend. Babygirl and I are going to use our park passes for the last time and get the crap scared out of us in the haunted houses between the coasters.

This morning I saw my neurologist and my family doc.  Because of the uptick in my headaches, a recent medication adjustment looks to be permanent.  And because of the 'disappearing tail light' headache, she wants me to carry an anti-migraine nasal spray.  Especially in the car.  My family doc heard that story, plus the Godzilla-Cold-Asthma-Migraine story and renewed my limited hours, gave me a nebulizer and restarted steroids.  Babygirl and my mom did better.  Family doc recommended some vaccine updates for Babygirl but wants me to check with the transplant team first.  Mom's pacemaker battery is good for at least another three months. 

So I have to revisit neuro in three months instead of six, so Mom and I have appointments booked for the same day (again!) at the end of January.

If the steroids work like they did two weeks ago my house will be clean by dawn.


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