Sunday, November 11, 2012


We've waited an eternity to see the headache specialist.  We've arrived safe in Philadelphia, and will travel to the hospital in the morning to meet, as usual, with the transplant team.  And we'll finally meet the neurologist.  He probably already thinks I'm crazy - we've bugged the living daylights out of him already.

We've pinned a lot of hope on this visit.But walking in and expecting that she will be headache-free instantaneously is clearly unrealistic, however much it would meet my fondest dreams.

But aside from knowing not to expect immediate freedom from headaches, I really have no idea WHAT to expect.  MRI?  Better neck images?  Extra blood work?  Admission?

I brought extra undies just in case.  I figure if I'm ready to stay a few days they'll be more likely to send us home.  It's a karma thing.


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