Friday, November 23, 2012

The Headache Break....

Babygirl awoke Thanksgiving morning with a headache.  It wasn't as severe as most of her morning headaches have been, and it didn't make her draw the 'black X of doom' on her headache calendar, but it was there.  Through the day she soldiered on, doing whatever tasks needed to be done.  But by dinnertime I noticed a change.  Her posture improved, her mood lifted, and she joined in the dinnertime banter and laughed - LAUGHED - without clutching her head in pain. 

After dinner as we were doing some cleanup, she looked at me and said, "This is the first time my head hasn't hurt in more than two weeks."  She was doing so well I let her go with Citygirl to see "Breaking Dawn part 2," a movie she's been looking forward to since meeting "Emily" and "Sam" at CHOP immediately after her transplant.  I was asleep when she came home, but she awoke headache free, and remained so until after dinner, when she started anew headache and took some Tylenol.

No headache for a total of about 26 hours.  It was like a miracle. 

Seven more days until the neurology testing.  Our insurance has authorised it.


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