Thursday, November 22, 2012

Week Eighty-three - All You Need is Pie.....

I love Thanksgiving.  Sure, there's some work involved, but you can do most of it in your pajamas (one of our foster kids used to call them "pajanamas").  Citygirl is here, so Babygirl has somebody to hang out with, which has cheered her up amazingly.  Which, it goes without saying, cheers me as well.

There are many things I love about Thanksgiving.  Family moments, the sharing of gratitude, good food and the general atmosphere of low-stress happiness.  And why is everybody happy?  Pie.

All you really ever need to make somebody happy is pie.  Think about it.  Is it possible to be totally miserable when the air is full of the smell of cooking apples and cinnamon?  Add the clove-and-ginger scent of a good pumpkin pie, the sight of meringue, the rich color of blueberries.  How can anyone resist a smile?  Put some real whipped cream on top of that - wow. 

Yes, I know that the smell of roasting turkey is amazing.  I know that good stuffing covered in gravy is SO good when it crowds in next to a sweet potato casserole.  But we all know that the whole time we are eating all that deliciousness, we are still looking forward to pie.

So when I accidentally doubled the pumpkin pie filling recipe and discovered I had enough for FOUR instead of two, making it possible for me to make two fresh pies for leftover night?  It was like an extra helping of free happiness.

So happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family.  I wish you peace, gratitude, good health - and pie.


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