Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lazy and Peaceful.....

It's nice to have a Sunday with nothing really to do.  After Sunday school and church I came home and changed into my jammies.  Oh, I did a couple of loads of wash, and paid a couple of bills, but mostly I sat reading and snacking (and at least some of it was fruit LOL).  A couple of glasses of wine finished my evening.

Citygirl is here and she did all of the cooking yesterday for a nice family dinner, and there is chicken soup simmering on the stove for anyone who wants something nutritious to eat - I made Babygirl go outside and pull up some carrots for the soup earlier.

Today's headache was a kinder, gentler headache.  It started early in the morning and went away in less than two hours by itself.  Here's hoping the steroids have kicked in and we'll have a more peaceful week. I'm crossing finger and toes and lighting a candle. (I probably should have done all of that in the other order.)

Eight days until neurology give us an opinion.


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