Monday, November 19, 2012

Never the Same One.....

We work hard not to repeat mistakes.  It gives us so many opportunities to make new ones.

Babygirl's Cellcept is now  in a liquid.  Two months ago I had to run to a pharmacy 70 miles away to get this new prescription, and it must be discarded 60 days after it is reconstituted from powder to liquid.  So I planned WAY ahead this time.  Several weeks ago I asked for an actual written prescription for it, so it wouldn't get faxed to a pharmacy, ordered and reconstituted before we need it - one bottle costs about two grand and could last 70 days if we didn't have to toss the rest.  I took the prescription to the pharmacy so they could order it and got them to swear they wouldn't add the water until the day we picked it up.  I put the date on my calendar to call and ask them to ready the script.

And I forgot to call.

No worries, really.  Sixty versus sixty-one?  What are the odds that something terrible will happen anyway?  I called a day late and told Hubby to make sure to pick it the next day, which happened to be Friday.

Hubby took this very seriously.  He was the first one in the pharmacy when it opened, picked up the Cellcept and brought it home.  But when I sat down that evening to put it into the syringes, I discovered when I shook it that I had a bottle of dry powder. 

I must admit I got a bit loud.  But Babygirl will confirm that I didn't actually use any bad words.

Our pharmacy closes at six on Fridays.   It was nearly seven when I made this discovery.  And our pharmacy doesn't open until Monday morning at nine.  I didn't have any sterile water to add myself, and I had nothing I could accurately measure 175 cc's of water in anyway. I needed six more doses of medication.  Thank God that a bottle COULD last 70 days! 

Not that I was utterly without options.  I still have the pills, but they are 250 mg. and she is supposed to take 160.

Hubby went back to the pharmacy this morning.  I failed to ask him what they had to say about their failure to add water, or what he said to them.  I'm not sure I want to know.


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