Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week Eighty - Whining....

Babygirl got a lot of loot last night considering she was really only up for about two blocks of candy looting.  But the grandbabies came along, and their inability to go the distance spared me the necessity of making her be the one to "give up."

She awoke this morning because her neck hurt.  The light hurt, her head hurt, but her neck was the prize winner this time. 

The neck pain frightens me.  Truly, truly truly scares the bejeepers out of me.  No fever, no blood pressure elevation, no other worrisome signs, lots of very well-trained intelligent people thinking that it ISN'T scary, but my gut disagrees. 

I don't deal well with fear.  I don't cope with helplessness well.  I suck at patient watch-and-wait crap.  I hate to see her cry because once again she cannot go to school.

This sucker was still hurting her some when I got home from work.  She came with me to get some stuff for supper, and had to shade her eyes when the brake lights on the car in front of us came on, because it hurt. 

I spent part of my day determining that the headaches may be aggravated by her Rapamune. That would, indeed, stink. I  spent most of the rest of my day whining.

It's not pretty.


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  1. Unless you go to work and do NOTHING except sit in a chair and require other employees to sit with you making sympathetic noises while you 'whine' then it does NOT qualify as whining at all. You need to admire yourself more - step outside yourself and look at you from 10,000 feet - what would you think of the load THAT woman was carrying? Would you think she was a whiner or someone who (gasp!!) needs and DESERVES some time and space to unload her burden if only for a few minutes? I know you too well there "sista" - you'd understand, give a soft shoulder, and pray. You and Your husband and all the kids are shining examples of grace under pressure. Those who show such grace aren't perfect ALL the time, just ALMOST all the'd be first in line to defend another person - give yourself the same appreciation and understanding - Judy