Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back In Again......

Don't panic, it's not Babygirl!  Rhonda the Honda, who was doing so very well after her AC transplant, has hit some kind of electrical snafu. 

I was driving downtown, listening to NPR on my way home from our local congressman's office (he volunteered, after hearing from Make-A-Wish, to push some of Babygirl's paperwork through faster), when the front speakers faded away, and I was hearing the news from the backseat only.  And then, not at all.  The new AC faded as well, so I shut it off and tried to roll the windows down. They were VERY sluggish, and I heard an odd but not ominous clicking from somewhere under the right side of the dashboard.

Something electrical?  I turned off the headlights and drove cautiously to our regular mechanic, completely forgetting that he doesn't DO electrical problems.  I pulled, turned Rhonda off, and went in.  Take her to the guy who did the AC, they suggested, since he does electrical stuff also.  I went out, and couldn't start her back up.  They gave me a jump, but after half an hour I didn't have enough power to unlock the gearshift and get her in reverse.

Hubby came to rescue me, and we went to see AC guy.  He's going to pick up Rhonda later, and we'll see.  Something is sucking the power out of the battery and not allowing it to recharge.  Alternator?  Maybe, but the clicking from the area of the fuse box was interesting.....

Sigh.  Just a little less drama would make me happy.  Still, it didn't happen when I was on a highway somewhere.



  1. Here's an way to tell if it's the
    alternator or battery. Get a jump and then disconnect the positive side battery cable. If the car continues to run it's more than likely the battery because the battery is mainly used to start the car. The alternator provides all the power to run everything in the car and the car won't stop until you turn it off.

    Be careful though you can get a nasty shock doing this

    1. Not being the sort that comfortably plays with electricity, I'll let the mechanic try that one! But I'll pass the info on to my Hubby for future reference!